Dana R. Braet, LMT, NMT

Nationally Certified in Sports Massage, Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy, 24 Years Experience

MO License #2001014084

I am one of Dana's longest (and oldest) clients. For about the last twenty years I have come in for massage on a regular basis.

I have learned during this time to equate feeling good and good health with massage and stress reduction.

During these years, I faced the challenge of asthma. Dana could always root out the last cough at the bottom of my lungs. Some time later, I had a lumpectomy with a diagnosis of cancer. He was an unfailing source of optimism and relaxing massage at this time. I definitely relate his effort to my recovery and to the day-by-day maintenance of good health and well-being.

Here's a list of pluses:

  • Dana is a nice guy; he likes helping people.
  • Dana has education, certification and experience helping people. He's helped athletes and sports teams, ballet dancers, racers, bicyclists and just run-of-the-mill people old and young. He continues his education in massage and treatment.
  • He has personally experienced bone fracture and muscle tendon damage and healing process.
  • When you call him, he gets back to you.
  • His teen aged kids like him!
  • He has connections with people in chiropractic and exercise fields.
  • He can recommend exercises & regimens to treat various ailments or problems - muscle spasms, poor posture, relaxation & stress reduction techniques, etc.

Marilyn G. - Creve Coeur, MO

I have been visiting Dana weekly for 21 years and counting. I have been to spas and massage therapists from coast-to-coast. Dana is definitely the best.

Mark M. - Frontenac, MO

After you have had a massage from one else can compare! He has the best hands in the business...Your body, mind and spirit will agree... What are you waiting for...make an appointment!!

Mary Kay von Brendel - West Bend, WI

I�ve been going to Dana for sports massage for several years. I�m an avid cyclist and frequent racer. Dana�s personal experience in both cycling and running give him great insight into the demands of training and the recovery needs of competitors. His sports massage gives me the ability to recover more quickly, so I can get back to training and racing more effectively. Scheduling is never a problem. He gets back to me right away, whenever I leave a message.

Mike Rosen - Olivette, MO

After hearing about Dana from several runners, I made a series of appointments to help me to get through an injury. Dana�s massages work so well, I�ve continued going. I feel better. I�m running better. I wish I would have start going to Dana before getting injured!

Sue P. - University City, MO